Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Sharing online provides you with an amazing opportunity to build an online persona that mirrors your own qualities and expert skills. Regardless of whether you just utilize social media every so often, the content you share or respond to feeds into building your personal brand. How you act online is equally as important as to how you present yourself offline.
Understanding the importance of having a personal brand and how it reflects online, can play a key role in getting the results you desire.
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Building a personal brand online via social media requires a great deal of thought and research to do it effectively, but don’t let that deter you.  It isn’t about what you look like or where you live, it’s about what you want to be known for and what individuals ought to expect when they see you’ve posted another piece of value-driven content. Think long-term and make sure to take note of what’s working and not working, then change it as needed.


Joshua Roode

Joshua Roode is the Managing Director of Cape Town is Awesome. As a digital strategist he has been regularly featured on programs such as Cape Talk 567, 702 and Hashtag Radio. He has worked with with national retailers, local celebrities and continues to help brands & influencers bring the best work into the online space.

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