The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Social Media

Social Media Marketing and Is Social Media Good or Bad for business? It’s time to talk about the good the bad and the ugly of social media and how online choices lead to offline consequences.

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About this Video:
In this Video Digital Strategist, Joshua Roode is interviewed by Cape Talk Host and Author Sara-Jayne King on the realities of social media and how it can either be the best thing for your brand, how it can lead to feeling dissatisfied and how it can affect your life/business.

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1. The Good: how social media can improve the customer experience and enhance the image of the brand.

2. The Bad: how poor social media management leaves a negative image for the customer. i,e no responses to customers questions, no frequent updates and a general lack of strategy

3. The Ugly: When social media managers cross the line and lose their jobs.
When company personnel use their personal accounts and bring the brand into disrepute.

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Joshua Roode

Joshua Roode is the Managing Director of Cape Town is Awesome. As a digital strategist he has been regularly featured on programs such as Cape Talk 567, 702 and Hashtag Radio. He has worked with with national retailers, local celebrities and continues to help brands & influencers bring the best work into the online space.

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