The Help: Starting your own website


Guest: Joshua Roode, Digital Strategist
Host: Sara-Jayne King, Late Nights
Topic: The Help: Starting your own website

“According to an article today on website builder expert – there’s no reason why in 2018 we should be paying people to design websites for us. I’m not saying that website designers have no place in the world of website building – they certainly do and they can play a big part. I’m saying that there is a right TIME to hire website designers – and it’s not when you are just starting out with your business. Digital Strategist Joshua Roode joins discuss the pros and cons of building your own website versus hiring someone to do it for us.”

Joshua Roode

Joshua Roode is the Managing Director of Cape Town is Awesome. As a digital strategist he has been regularly featured on programs such as Cape Talk 567, 702 and Hashtag Radio. He has worked with with national retailers, local celebrities and continues to help brands & influencers bring the best work into the online space.

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