Video Marketing and Using Video to Build Your Brand

Joshua Roode and Sara-Jayne King discuss the dynamics of using video to build your brand and how to get started on social media. It is as simple as going live on Facebook or using your cell phone to record your next idea.

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Some tips to consider are,

1. It is good to know what you want to talk about before going live or to record your video. Ask yourself the question of, ‘What do you want to be known for?’ Be clear about your outcome and as specific as possible about what you want the outcome of your video to be.

2. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. You can always refine your process as you go along. Everyone has to start somewhere.

3. Position yourself in a place that puts good light onto your face and gives you the opportunity to capture good quality sound. Good lighting and sound help to make your video far better.

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Joshua Roode

Joshua Roode is the Managing Director of Cape Town is Awesome. As a digital strategist he has been regularly featured on programs such as Cape Talk 567, 702 and Hashtag Radio. He has worked with with national retailers, local celebrities and continues to help brands & influencers bring the best work into the online space.

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