Why technology needs to be a top priority for any business

Believe it or not, there are still lots of business’ out there that have absolutely no digital presence or technological advancements to help them grow.  Recently I spoke to Cape Talk on the topic of ‘Why technology needs to be a top priority for any business’ Scroll down to listen to the podcast.

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What is the easiest way to build a website?

“Imagine setting up an office with just a typewriter, a desk calendar and a calculator to run a business. Sounds odd, right? One glance at this combination and we know it’s a recipe for disaster. What worked a few decades back won’t work now. Why? Businesses have evolved. Consumers have higher expectations. The competition is crazy. Digital Strategist, Joshua Roode unpack about the technology changes.”

Guest: Joshua Roode, Digital Strategist
Host: Mpho Molotlegi
Topic: Why technology needs to be top priority for any business

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Joshua Roode

Joshua Roode is the Managing Director of Cape Town is Awesome. As a digital strategist he has been regularly featured on programs such as Cape Talk 567, 702 and Hashtag Radio. He has worked with with national retailers, local celebrities and continues to help brands & influencers bring the best work into the online space.

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